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A RubberTop® Roof Coating Material Warranty warrants to the building owner that a properly applied RubberTop® roof coating system will not wear off and successfully protect the roof surface for a specified period of time, as the result of normal weathering or material manufacturing defects.
The length of the warranty is determined by a minimum of 2 coats of RubberTop® coating. If any portion of the warranted roof that has been coated with RubberTop® coating products wears off as the result of defects in the RubberTop® coating, RubberTopUSA, LLC will provide sufficient RubberTop materials to repair those areas coated but non performing. Decisions as to the extent of repair or replacement required will be made solely by RubberTopUSA, LLC.
Obligations under the RubberTop® Roof Coating Material Warranty are limited by the specific terms and conditions of the respective warranty. Sample warranties are available by emailing Rubbertop® at warranty@rubbertop.com or by calling 713-493-9796. To qualify and obtain a warranty the following requirements must be met:


1. Request for Project Acceptance – Detailed project information is required to be submitted prior to start of project. No warranty will be issued on projects that have not been pre-approved for warranty by RubberTop®.
   a. RubberTop Project Information Form
   b. Initial Conditions Assessment
   c. Roof Sketch
   d. Digital picture documentation

2. Preparation Report – Confirmation of proper preparation. This information is required to be submitted with a Request for Warranty.
   a. Description of preparation methods used (cleaning and primer application)
   b. Digital pictures – before and after
3. Job Log – A job log must be kept during application of the roof coating system including the following information must be submitted with the Request for Warranty Form at completion of application:
   a. Dates of application including weather conditions
   b. Digital photo documentation of installation including preparation, application, and final completion
4. Request for Warranty Form – This form must be submitted within 30 days of the completion date of the roof coating project.


The following conditions and limitations apply to the RubberTop® Roof Coating Material Warranty. There are also additional conditions and limitations that are included in the warranty document.
RubberTopUSA LLC’s sole responsibility under this limited material warranty is for defective material and RubberTopUSA’s only obligation shall be to either replace, or refund the purchase price of, the materials or part thereof proven to be defective. RubberTopUSA LLC’s liability will under no circumstances exceed replacement of the product proven defective. Labor costs for installing repair or replacement materials are specifically excluded. Any replacement materials, as well as the original materials remaining, will be warranted only for the balance of the original warranty period.
RubberTopUSA LLC reserves the right to conduct inspections of any RubberTop® roof coating project at any time prior to the start of the installation of the roof coating system. If it is determined at the sole discretion of RubberTopUSA LLC that any part of the roof to be coated is not in a suitable condition for installation of a RubberTop system, no warranty shall be made available, unless or until any necessary unsuitable conditions are corrected. RubberTopUSA LLC also reserves the right to conduct inspections during installation and after final completion of the roof coating system. If in the sole judgment of RubberTopUSA LLC the coating system has not been applied according to RubberTop® specifications, no warranty shall be issued until the coating system has been brought into compliance with the specification. Any defects in the installation including failure to clean debris off of the surface to be applied, correct use of RubberTop® Primer, and application of a minimum of 2 coats over the appropriate surface area, and any other defects in the installation as determined by RubberTopUSA LLC must be corrected to the satisfaction of RubberTopUSA LLC before warranty shall be issued.

RubberTopUSA LLC shall not be liable for any consequential, indirect, or incidental damages of any kind, including damage to the interior or exterior of the building. Mold growth that may occur as a result of any leaks in a RubberTop® roof coating system is specifically excluded from coverage under any RubberTop® warranty. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.

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